Gov., legislature pause bill on control over CARES Act funds

An ongoing dispute at the Mississippi capitol over who’s in charge of CARES Acts funds seemed to be paused.

Governor Reeves and legislative leaders have been working out how to use the funds.

Mississippi received $1.25 billion from the CARES act.

A bill last Friday gave the Legislature control of the funds. That bill was put on hold until an agreement has been reached with the Governor’s office.

During his press conference Thursday, Reeves said the legislature will be in charge of the federal funds. But, he will have a seat at the table deciding how the funds will be spent.

“We know who needs this money. I believe that the three of us and the leaders in the house and the senate can work together to craft a solution to get the money to the people who need it,” explained Reeves.

Gov Reeves also discussed Stage 2 of reopening the state in his press conference Thursday.

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