Gov. Phil Bryant Signs Measures to Protect Mississippi’s Right to Work Status

JACKSON, Miss. (Press Release) — Gov. Phil Bryant today signed into law a package of three bills to protect Mississippi’s right-to-work status. The bills are supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Senate Bill 2473 prohibits an organization, corporation or individual from damaging or threatening to damage property or products and protects employees from being harassed into surrendering their rights in the midst of a unionization drive.

Senate Bill 2653 prevents organized picketing efforts from blocking building entrances and sidewalks and private residences during labor disputes.

Senate Bill 2797 makes clear that local governments do not have the authority to force employers to use organized labor to reach peace agreements or collective bargaining agreements.

“Mississippi has some of the lowest union participation in the country, and these bills send a message that we will not tolerate efforts like intimidation,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “I believe that Mississippi’s right-to-work status is a competitive benefit for the state, and I intend to keep it that way.”

On March 13, Gov. Bryant signed a fourth bill in the package. Senate Bill 2689 ensures that employers can continue to screen employment candidates for criminal backgrounds and prevents local jurisdictions from imposing ordinances to interfere with an employer’s ability to conduct such background checks.

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