Gov. Reeves Will Call Special Session If Lawmakers Reach Consensus

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Governor Tate Reeves says he would call a special session of the legislature to look at the medical marijuana issue if lawmakers can reach a consensus on the issue.

Last month, the state Supreme Court struck down Mississippi’s medical marijuana program.

Governor Reeves says while he was against the medical marijuana initiative, he wants to honor the will of the people who voted in favor of it in November.

Reeves said there are conversations taking place among various leaders in the legislature about the issue.

“And just so everybody understands, I can call them into special session, and for thirty thousand dollars a day they can sit around and talk and negotiate what a medical marijuana plan can look like, or I can not call them in yet and for zero dollars a day they can talk, negotiate and develop a plan,” Gov. Reeves said.

In May, the state Supreme Court ruled that the medical marijuana initiative had to be invalidated because the ballot measure system requires signatures from five congressional districts.  Mississippi has only four congressional districts.

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