Governor Tate Reeves addresses Mississippi’s record COVID-19 cases

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI)- As Mississippi soars to new heights in new covid-19 cases Governor Tate Reeves doubles down on his stance to not issue a statewide mask mandate or lockdown. The state of Mississippi has requested and received federal assistance to combat the towering number of cases including 150 ventilators that are set to be here in the coming days. According to Dr. Thomas Dobbs and the state department of health, 15 percent of Covid patients don’t make it out of the hospital and a third of patients on a ventilator does not survive. Multiple reporters asked Governor Reeves why he refuses to issue a statewide mandate. “We are certainly continuing to encourage our fellow Mississippians to take the necessary precautions. We’re not going to have a mask mandate. We’re not going to have top-down statewide intervention at this time. If you have not been vaccinated I would encourage you to wear a mask.” Reeves also wants school Covid regulations to be decided at the school board level.

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