Governor’s Job Fair Network of Mississippi lands in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – The Governor’s Job Fair Network of Mississippi helps get people job opportunities and sometimes even better opportunities in their field of work.

Choctaw and Winston counties partnered to help host the event in the Louisville dome Thursday morning. More than 20 job opportunities were available. Potential workers came by, applied for jobs, and got to talk to their potential employers.

Executive Director of the Winston County Partnership, Glen Haab said he saw people needing work throughout the area.

“We’ve got a lot of unemployed individuals, we’ve got a lot of under-employed individuals, and we have a lot of individuals who may need secondary opportunities so it’s a good opportunity for us to kind of tap into that market, especially during a tight labor market that we’re dealing with here in east Mississippi,” said Haab.

Job seekers like Ronald Gibson said the job fair was a way to find better opportunities close to home.

“A couple of things caught my attention. I’m looking to expand my career, I’m looking to grow, I’m finishing up an academic program right now so I’m just looking to expand where I’m at, expand my horizons and get into something a little different and a little more challenging,” said Gibson.

Haab said businesses are growing but finding employees isn’t easy.

“A lot of businesses in our region are expanding and growing and the need for talent is getting tighter and tighter and that’s why you’re starting to see low unemployment rates throughout our region and finding that talent is very hard and difficult to do,” said Haab.

The job fair has already hit nine other areas and will be in our site again by the end of the month.

Many things have changed, but Gibson said one thing has remained consistent, to help people navigate their way to success.

“The only thing I would encourage for younger folks than myself is to make sure that you establish a good foundation, while there may be some new trends and new things that are coming out some of the foundational things that we have stuck with for success have not changed so make sure you have a great foundation to build on,” said Gibson.

The next job fair will be at the EMCC communiversity on March 28, 2023.

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