Grand Jury Finds No Indictments In Chickasaw Livestock Shooting

OKOLONA, Miss. (WCBI) – An Animal Cruelty case in Chickasaw County will not move forward.

Last September, 7 horses and 2 donkeys were shot and killed in the Van Fleet Community.

The four men who were in the field at the time of the incident are suspected of gunning down these animals, but a grand jury decided there was insufficient evidence and did not indict the men.

“I don’t think, even for myself, that they had gathered enough evidence for a grand jury hearing,” said In Defense of Animals Representative, Doll Stanley. “Time after time, we see cases where there’s the wrong charge. There’s a lot of misinformation; there’s a lack of education on animal laws.”

Since the animals were considered livestock and not pets, the charge would have been a felony.

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