Grocery stores are preparing their shelves for the holidays

Shortages are hitting grocery stores around the U.S. pretty hard

VERNON, Al. (WCBI)-Like many other retailers; grocery store chains have faced shortages, and it may have an impact on grocery bills.

Turkey, mac and cheese, and sweet potatoes are all staples for the Thanksgiving meal. The ingredients for the spread this year may be more expensive.

“The meats are sky rocketing, the potatoes pretty much everything in the store is going up prices are going up I can’t stand to wait I’m very impatient I need to push on through so yea I like to get my stuff done early,” said local customer Tracy Hudson.

Shortages are hitting grocery stores around the U.S. pretty hard because of problems ranging from the manufacturing shortage to shipping delays.

At Shop and Save in Vernon; store owner Wayne Christian said that this things may be stretched thin if products don’t come in on time.

“We’re getting some of our holiday stuff in we’re getting about a 48 to 50 percent fill rate on groceries, dairy and frozen food so it’s thin. We got some of the main items and we’re beginning to get some of the others in but it’s going to be tight this year,” said Christian.

Aside from meats; Christian said they’re having trouble with keeping the soft drink shelves stocked. The store is and will be relatively full for the coming weeks because they began ordering well before the holidays even neared.

Christian has had to order through different companies for their typical product and sometimes resort to getting another brand until their original ones come in

“When we see it we buy it. I mean pallet deals whatever we can find if the warehouse has got it in we buy extra because the next truck may not be nothing,” said Christian.

People often buy in bulks, but at Shop and Save there is no limit to getting what you need, and despite the rise in prices they still try to satisfy the customer.

“We pull about the same profit we don’t add anymore to it we try to have the best prices we possibly can for the people,” said Christian.

Families are encouraged to get what they need ahead of time and to make the best of the holidays even if they see that prices are the worst.

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