Group of area agencies team up to provide teen mental health resources

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A recent rise in the number of teen suicides has a group of area agencies joining forces.

The Community Action Coalition, a group of service providers, pastors, and community leaders committed to providing mental health resources and education in the community, hosted a lunch-and-learn symposium on Teen Self Harm Prevention in Columbus.

Speakers addressed the impact of national tragedies on those in the local area and the effects that social media can have on children’s and teen’s mental health and self-image.

They also stressed the local availability of mental health resources through Community Counseling Services and other agencies.

“If you’re a parent, talk to your child. If you see that your child is struggling, and if you see that there are signs that shouldn’t be there, perhaps loss of appetite for a child who usually eats a lot. All of a sudden, no friends; giving things away, even things as simple as that, contact someone; the school counselor, call our suicide hotline here in Columbus, just simply pick up your phone and dial 988, and you will get someone who will answer your questions,” said Yvette Bailey-Jamison, City-Community Outreach Coordinator.

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