GTR Airport adding 4th flight to ATL

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- The Golden Triangle Regional Airport is adding a fourth round-trip flight to Atlanta.

The new flight will start in June.

Executive Director, Mike Hainsey, says this new service will help meet the community’s needs.

“We’ve been looking working closely with Delta Airlines for actually a couple years now because our flights have been running so full, they have found an ability to add an additional flight. Still give us for a round-trip flights each day,seven days a week now,” said Hainsey.

The newly-added round trip will also be between Atlanta and the Golden Triangle Regional Airport.

“Our travelers will have really good connections, and extra opportunity to travel. It opens up another 15 to 20,000 seats per years for people to travel,” said Hainsey.

Around 90,000 passengers were reported last year, the airport expects to see a 15 to 20 percent increase the first year of this addition.

However, Hainsey says there’s more. Another terminal is being added, which will seat around 200 travelers.

“To help with a large load, we had over last year we have started a $1.8 million dollar expansion toward the terminal to provide about 200 extra seating for passengers prior to security,” said Hainsey.

The airport is working with another airline to get westbound service to Dallas in the future.

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