Guidelines For Food Assistance Clarified

(JACKSON, Ms)  People directly impacted by the April tornadoes are eligible for one time disaster food benefits if they are not currently part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.   To help determine if you are eligible the following guidelines must be met.

To qualify for DSNAP, a one-time only benefit, applicants must meet all the below criteria. Current SNAP recipients are not eligible for DSNAP benefits.

The household must have lived in one of the counties designated as a disaster area by the Red Cross, MEMA or FEMA.

The applicant must have suffered damage to their home, property or had loss of income as a direct result of the severe weather.

The applicant must have incurred disaster-related expenses as a direct result of the severe weather.

Addresses of applicants will be checked against a map of known disaster-mapped areas. Those living outside of the disaster-mapped areas are not eligible for DSNAP.

Applicants will be required to provide proof of identity to register.

Applicants must meet DSNAP income limits.

If an applicant does not meet the above criteria, they should not apply.  If someone does not live in the directly impacted area, they will not be eligible. DSNAP is a program meant to serve a specific population in the hardest hit areas who are not currently being served through SNAP.





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