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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Columbus city council passes a proposal Tuesday evening, allowing police to buy guns from the public.

The proposal passed unanimously. Residents will voluntarily bring in guns they’re no longer using. It’s part of a broad effort to continue to reduce gun-related violence.

Police Chief Selvain McQueen says weapons are attractive to burglars and could end up used in future crimes.

Those who attended the city council meeting like the idea.

“If it prevents those guns from being stolen and out on the street, cause if it’s stolen, you know where they’re going, then I think it’s a good idea,” says Berry Hinds.

“Someone break into your home or something like that, that could be used against you, especially for the elderly. It would be something very beneficial for them,” says Roy Hicks.

Chief McQueen hopes to fund the program through some taxpayer money and public donation. The city allocated $10,000 for the program. A date to begin the program has not been set.


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  • Molon Labe

    Smart thinking Selvain. Take the citizen’s guns so that they won’t have them when someone breaks in. Our city leadership is so full of genuises that it amazes me that we haven’t accidentally cured cancer, or found Atlantis. Maybe the mayor neefed some extra cash and figured out that he could sell all the hot guns his felon children German and Sherman have. Yep, well will be so much safer when we are unarmed. Just like Selvain said, they are gonna break into your house anyway. He will see to it that they won’t get shot when they do.

  • Jim

    $10,000? If I were to sell a gun to the circus, the very least I would sell the cheapest piece for is $200. At this price, the city’s allocation would allow for the purchase of 50 weapons. What a joke! I wonder what kind of educated civic leader we have that would write such a ridiculous proposal?

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