Gun play leads to death of 26 year old Aberdeen man


ABERDEEN, MISS. (WCBI) – Playing with a gun can be dangerous and in Aberdeen, it turned deadly and leads to a teen in jail.

18-year-old Amyia Verner of Hamilton is charged with manslaughter and remains in the Monroe County jail. Bond has not been set for Verner.

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The shooting happened at Southview Apartments on Tuesday afternoon.

Monroe County Coroner Alan Gurley says 26-year-old Robert Jackson of Aberdeen died at the scene from a gunshot wound.

Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle says Verner made a tragic mistake that she can’t come back from.

Investigators believe Verner and Jackson were playing with a gun they thought was unloaded when it fired.

Randle says this is a sad situation for the families involved.

“If you don’t know how to work a gun, the mechanics of a gun, you don’t know how to check it out… please put that gun up. Please do not have that gun laying around so anybody can access it,” said Randal.  “Because like I said once before, taking a magazine out of a gun does not clear the gun. And you know, no knowledge of a gun leads to the situation that we have now.”

An autopsy has been ordered. The incident remains under investigation.