Gunman on the run following fatal shooting in Louisville over the weekend; Chief seeking public’s help


LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) —  The Louisville Police Department is asking for the public’s help after a deadly shooting early Saturday morning.

33-year-old Markevius Jordan was pronounced dead at a Jackson hospital later that morning.

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It was around 2 A.M. Saturday morning on Mill Street when Louisville Police Chief Sean Holdiness said a masked robber paid a visit to Jordan and his brother.

“So far the information we have is that a person with a hoodie and mask on came up and attempted to rob them,” said Holdiness.

And during the attempted robbery,”Markevius’ brother then had a struggle over the firearm and during the struggle, the handgun went off and struck Markevius in the upper abdomen.”

According to Holdiness, the suspect then immediately ran.

“Witness stated that the suspect ran west towards an area where there’s a railroad tracks, a wooded area and it’s kind of really dark in that general vicinity. And at the time he was more concerned with his brother then where he was running,” said Holdiness.

Holdiness said this incident has left the community of Louisville devastated.

“I don’t know what this person could’ve been thinking other than he’s selfish, he’s a coward, he has hurt our community, he has hurt a family beyond anything imaginable. I can’t imagine losing a brother, a son to a tragedy that could’ve been avoided like this.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Louisville Police or Winston County Crime Stoppers at 662-773-9999.