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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) Authorities are on the look out for two men suspected of firing at a Columbus home around 10 this morning.

Twenty-two year old Leshun Harris and 25 year old Jamarquis Easley pulled up to 107 Florence Street in Columbus and began shooting at three adults standing in the front yard. Several children were in the house. No one at the residence was injured. The gunman were last seen heading east on Highway 82, they are also wanted for previous felonies. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please contact the Columbus Police Department.

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  • Ed

    What’s going to happen next in Thug City? Continue to hire, elect the same ole same ole and see what you get. Sad, that the good folks have moved out……it’s dangerous to live in or visit Thug City.

  • chris

    Thug city is right on the money. When you have thugs running a city, the city will never get better. Maybe one day the citizens will see the light and get rid of the crooks sitting up on top and run them out.

  • Randy

    You guys have both nailed it there, but I just dont see the votes ever being there to make significant changes. I HOPE i’m wrong.

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