Halloween enthusiasts go big with Halloween Manor in Tupelo

Tupelo couple goes all out with Halloween decorations for Joyner home

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – A Tupelo home is attracting a lot of attention for its larger-than-life Halloween yard decorations.

Every evening, traffic slows down as motorists drive by the house on the corner of Woodlawn and Clayton, in Tupelo’s historic Joyner neighborhood.

Many drivers stop, to get a better look at the flying witch, undertaker, and other spooky sights in Halloween Manor.

“We enjoy the kids in the neighborhood, we do it for them,” Jay Robbins said.

Jay and Kristi Robbins moved to Tupelo earlier this year from Texas, where they always went big for Halloween. They are bringing that tradition to Tupelo. With five animatronic figures standing 12 to 14 feet, and many other decorations, setting it all up is a huge project.

“With the bigger pieces, they take four to five hours to set up, so we do them one at a time and work our way through it, we set up a perimeter first, then once we get the big pieces, we fill in the holes with smaller pieces,” Robbins said.

A few pieces have been added, and Jay and Kristi are looking forward to Halloween night.

“We understand our street, in particular, gets kind of shut down, they bus kids in, we have thousands of things for them to see and we’re looking forward for them to come check us out,” he said.

They will also have candy if you are brave enough to visit.

Jay and Kristi said they also go big for Christmas decorations. Joyner is one of the most popular neighborhoods for kids on Halloween.

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