Hamilton storm victim says help is harder to come by as time passes


HAMILTON, Miss. (WCBI) – Recovery efforts are still underway for several private property owners in Hamilton.

Many residents are in the process of rebuilding their home or fixing damages.

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They said the community has been more than helpful when it comes to donating supplies.

However, finding help with labor gets harder as time goes on.

“It probably…It wouldn’t take a crew probably a weekend to do it, you know. It’s just we ain’t got the people to do it with,” said storm victim James Plaxico.

Plaxico has lived in and around Hamilton for most of his life.

He said he’s always felt like a valued member of the community, especially after the April 13 tornado.

“It’s undescribable. I’ve never lived through nothing like this before. I’ve never seen nothing or witnessed nothing like this before, and for the community to come together like they have, it’s unreal,” said Plaxico.

Plaxico lives with his stepfather and 12-year-old son. Their home took on heavy damage after the storm. He said area churches were some of the first to step in.

“I’m talking about everybody has come together as a community and helped each other, especially the area churches. They have done great. I’m talking about they have… Everywhere…” said Plaxico.

The churches donated Plaxico everything he needed to repair his home, but there was one issue.

“They had said they have run out of… they can’t find no labor to put it on,” said Plaxico.

Both Plaxico and his stepfather are unable to repair the home themselves.

“Yes sir, I’m disabled. I had heart problems about five years ago, and I just ain’t able to do it. You know… I just can’t do it,” said Plaxico.

“That bedroom… It was kind of messed up. Trying to get it fixed up so I can fix me a room up,” said Jame’s stepfather Johnnie Roberts.

“So is that preventing you from having your own space?” asked reporter.

“Well yes sir it is…” said Roberts.

Plaxico said the more time passes, the harder it is to find anyone willing to give free labor.

“We got everything to do it with, we just ain’t go the labor or the people to do it,” said Plaxico.

“If they’re able to help… Any help we can get, we appreciate dearly,” said Roberts.

Plaxico said if he was to hire a contractor to help him repair his home, it will most likely cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 for the labor alone.