Hamilton tornado victims can now apply for long-term recovery assistance


MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Monroe County is providing assistance to families that lost their homes in the EF-2 tornado a month ago.

A committee has been formed to help bring the community back together.

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More than 200 homes were lost, and victims want a place to call their own again. The Monroe Strong Long-Term Recovery Assistance Committee is trying to do just that.

This committee is now accepting applications.

The tornado left debris everywhere and some who live here with no place to go.

But all out of all the devastation, a local pastor said that now there’s hope.

” here’s some that have no home at all. There’s no home to be repaired,” said Pastor of Center Hill Baptist Church Terry Edwards.

He’s on the committee and helps applicants fill out paperwork.

“We’ve had about 30 to fill out this morning,” said Edwards.

Edwards is also serving as a crisis counselor, lending an ear to the storm survivors.

“To hear the terrible stories and what they went through is very sad, it’s very hard to hear stuff that. But then you hear how they came through it and how they survived,” said Edwards.

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday applicants can come to Center Hill Baptist Church.

They can complete an assistance form. The form allows them to list the items they need. The forms are then reviewed by the committee.

Edwards said funds to purchase the needed items will come from donations and pending state funds.

“We just want to try to help the people that have experienced this great loss. So the quicker they get in here and get their application started the quicker we’ll be able to get something done,” said Edwards.

Edwards said the goal for the committee is to help the more than 200 victims of lasts month’s tornado.

Those affected by last month’s tornado have until May 31st to signup.

“The right now with this committee we’re trying to get the word out,” said Edwards.

Visit Monroe Strong: Long Term Recovery committee on Facebook to know what locations are accepting applications.