Hate Groups Descend on Tupelo, Not Well Received

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — Several hate groups held a rally in Tupelo Saturday.

It looked like something you would see in old vintage films of Nazi Germany.

The hated Swastika was very prominent with the group calling itself the National Socialist Movement. And these modern day Nazi sympathizers were joined by hooded wearing members of another hate group the Ku Klux Klan.

The rally started at the Courthouse, but had to move across the street to the Lee County Justice Center, so they could plug into electricity paid for by the citizens of Lee County.

They blamed America’s problems on the Jews, and called the Holocaust “A good start.” For the first hour, nobody except the media and law enforcement were around to listen to them. But then people began to show up. Dana Gutierrez didn’t like their attacks against Hispanics.

“I just don’t like the thing that they’re trying to run everybody out of United States for just some people that just make mistakes, you know, she points out. “There’s a lot of white people that make a lot of mistakes such as running drugs doing child trafficking child pornography why aren’t they up protesting that. They just want to pick on the Spanish people and that’s it.”

“I do believe there’s a problem with illegal immigration yes, but I just don’t know what to say about the people in the white over there, ” said Michelle Seal of Tupelo.

“America is supposed to be about peace and love thy brother but this is more a hate, it just seems like it’s pointed towards hatred and discrimination, ” she laments.

Terry Bumphis was shocked at what he saw.

“This day and time I wouldn’t think something like this in America is still going on. Why can’t we just unite and come together as one nation., ” said .

“The devil is busy in the world,” says Jewel Bumphis. ” so that’s why so there’s so much hatred right now in the world because people are just praising the wrong thing. Everybody needs to get their hearts right and start to learn how to love each instead of hating each other,” she said.

And while the protestors made their speeches, additional law enforcement officers were on hand to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.

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