Health alert: Risks of health-related deaths peak during holidays

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s hard to walk down these aisles and not the holiday goodies. But the kicker is, how do we balance indulgence and healthy choices?

“The one rule of thumb I like to do is see the palm of your hand, is about the size of protein you need to eat,” said Shelia Heard, the founder and CEO of Eternal Vitality Expedition in Tupelo.

As a nutritionist, she said you don’t have to go on a diet during the holidays.

Eating healthy portions and in moderation usually gets the job done.

“The back of your hand when you ball up your fist, that’s bout the size of the carbohydrates you need to eat. And then your nail, your thumbnail is just about all the amount of fat that you would need. And you can have all the fruits and vegetables, preferably vegetables, that you want,” said Heard.

Studies show something as small as eating faster is associated with weight gain and obesity.

“Take your time to eat and savor the flavors ’cause guess what? That’ll give your body a chance to let your body know that you have had enough. So, you don’t overeat. Like I said, you need to balance your meals and you need to listen to your body,” said Heard.

Several studies show you have a greater chance of dying on Christmas, the day after Christmas, or New Year’s Day than any other single day of the year.

“Have you ever known somebody that during the holidays you just talked to and then later on, they’re no longer here? And that’s because one of the main reasons could’ve been they didn’t pay attention to the symptoms that their body was telling them,” said Heard. “Enjoy the holidays but be mindful and eat healthy. It matters.”

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