Healthworks hosts annual Health and Safety Day

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – This is the fifth year that Healthworks has put on its annual Health and Safety Day. But this is the first year that Toyota has sponsored the event, which is designed for kids of all ages to have fun while learning from health and safety experts.

“We planned this at the end of summer when kids are back in school, not on vacation. And we think it’s really important to make those healthy life choices and being super mindful of safety choices also to keep families healthy and safe,” said Rebekah Wilson.

One of the organizations on hand was Children’s of Mississippi specially equipped to detect childhood diseases.

“There’s certain diseases of the heart that children may be born with that can be spotted so those children can be taken care of when they’re born,” said George Hand.

One of the most popular attractions at this year’s Health and Safety Day were these dogs, part of Comfort Creatures of Northeast Mississippi.

“Dogs and humans have the first interspecies relationship of any animals on this planet. So our relationship goes way back. Dogs have always been friends to people. People take good care of dogs, some people do. We support each other. We bring each other comfort and friendship and companionship,” said Jane Farmer.

Outside, the children got to meet public safety personnel and climb on board a fire engine.

Life flight nurse Jennifer Williams-Cook of North Mississippi Medical Center was on hand to educate the children about what to expect when they see emergency service vehicles approaching.

“Sometimes, especially when you’re going through a traumatic accident or you’re sick and not feeling well, it’s a scary experience. So we’re just trying to make that experience better for them if they ever do need us or see us coming down the road,” said Willams-Cook.

Austin and Emily Brooks brought their daughter Lydia Grace to Healthworks.

“It’s been great to just get her acclimated the people that are in the community that help us. And so she’s never really been in a fire truck or an ambulance before, so we think it’s really good to teach our children young about safety and about just knowing the people in the community that help us and keep us safe,” said Austin Brooks.

“Lydia Grace loves just the hands-on aspect of Healthworks, and it’s fun to talk about healthy food and play with healthy food and to get her exercise. It’s a great place to come when it’s really hot outside or when it’s really cold outside. And so we just love the interactive approach, the hands-on approach that Healthworks provides for the kids. It’s a great learning environment and a great place to bring our children,” said Emily Brooks.

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