Heated exchange draws attention to EMCC’s trustees at county meeting

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The Lowndes County Board of Supervisors meeting took a dramatic turn when a man proposed the board remove the two Lowndes County EMCC board of trustees.

It was a move that Supervisor Leroy Brooks took very personally. This all stemmed from a prior EMCC trustee budget meeting when trustees couldn’t agree on a budget issue.

One of those meetings ended with a threat from a Lauderdale County trustee to a former employee who dropped the F-bomb in a meeting and was asked to resign.

At another meeting, half of the trustees walked out.

The spiraling continued Wednesday when a citizen asked for the Lowndes County trustees to be removed.

“I’m pissed off. You’re talking about bad words. I think you’re completely out of order. We should have stopped you from the beginning,” Supervisor Leroy Brooks said in an angry manner.

Tempers were raised as Supervisor Leroy Brooks told Boomer Brown he was out of line.

Brown addressed supervisors, asking them to appoint new trustees to represent Lowndes County At EMCC.

Brown claimed their representation puts the Golden Triangle in a negative light.

“There’s discontent in the board right now. Our members, there was a staged walked out they were a part of and the following meeting they didn’t show up altogether. I was there I witnessed it,” said Brown.

That’s not how the Lowndes County trustees viewed the situation.

“The meeting that was referred to that was walked out upon, we actually did vote and actually did close the information that needed to be filled that day. We just didn’t address all the items on the agenda,” said Lowndes County EMCC Trustee, Lance Walters.

Lance Walters said the meeting he didn’t attend was a makeup meeting that fell under a scheduling conflict for him, but business went on as usual.

For Supervisor Brooks, Brown’s proposal was a vendetta against the board of supervisors and EMCC trustees.

“All you have said is some hearsay stuff. About this and that. You said you were at some meetings. The fact is I think we should cut this discussion off. I’m not interested in hearing anything else and if Dr. Alsobrooks, if that’s how he governs, maybe we should call and talk to him. I think you’re out of order,” said Supervisor Brooks.

It’s no secret the last few trustee meetings have been heated. Trustees confirmed threats were made and one employee was forced to resign after dropping the “f word.”

Trustee Rudy Johnson said it isn’t fair because other employees at EMCC have used the word on a national platform and go unpunished which is what he says led to the walkout.

“I said I’m tired of double standards. We lost a good employee because he dropped the “f word. But we’ve got 10 hours of the football coach doing it. That’s double standards,” said Johnson.

Another big note that was brought up was EMCC’s budget which trustee Lance Walters said the school is losing money and the budget is a big issue.

Supervisor Brooks apologized for the way he reacted.

Brown said he plans to attend the next meeting.

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