Heavy rains lead to water rescues in Calhoun County

CALHOUN COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Heavy rains lead to water rescues this morning in Calhoun County.

The most significant flash flooding was in the Bruce and western Calhoun County areas.

Some streets in Bruce were underwater for a short time.

Several cars ended up in flooded ditches or became stranded on water covered roads.

Calhoun County deputies also used a new hummer to respond to the flooding.

The vehicle quickly went to work to rescue a family on County Road 231.

“We went in and got out three adults and an infant and brought them on this side of the flooding. It’s approximately two and one half, three feet over this road behind me here…four feet in one place because it went up past my waist,” said Sheriff Greg Pollan, Calhoun County.

Inmates from the Calhoun County jail helped clear ditches and drainage ditches in Bruce to help alleviate the flooding.

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