High Clay County voter turnout


CLAY COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI) – Clay County joins the rest of the area and country with high numbers at the polls this mid-term election.

Poll workers say that approximately 54 people per hour have come in to cast their vote.

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“Carroll had 85, Sloan had 171, North West Point had to 97, Vinton had 129, West Point had 220, and Caradine had 71” said Clay County Election Commission Chairman Linda Ivy.

That was just at 10:45 Tuesday morning. As the day continued, Clay County Election Commission Chairman Linda Ivy says she feels the numbers will grow.

“We believe that we were going to get about 20 percent but we might get to 30 the way it’s going today. Last time we got 10 percent and that was very low but we think this selection is going to be very high,” said Ivy.

Statistics show in the 2016 Presidential election more than one hundred million voters cast their ballot.

Clay County voters say that number is to be expected, but they are at the polls this time, because Tuesday’s election is just as, if not more important.

“I believe vote for the president that’s very important but Congress and all of this, that’s where the real decision making is,” said Voter Haley Parker.

“You have your right to vote so make sure you exercise your right and let your voice be heard,” said Brianna Wofford.

“It is high stakes. It’s very important for us to keep coming together to vote,” said Voter Jasmine Davis.

The Bennett’s have never missed voting in an election. but they say there is a different atmosphere this time at the polls.

“Think it’s just that there’s two Republicans. Of the two, the president is backing one of them. That’s basically what’s causing the excitement,” said Voter Angela Bennett.

“I think the biggest driver in this midterm, is there is a significant amount in regards to those who are supporting President Trump and his agenda, versus those who were not. So, I think that that is actually exciting both bases whether it’s Republican or Democratic,” said Voter Charles Bennett.

Ivy says don’t let the polls close before you cast your ballot in this election.

“If you get off at five just keep on coming to vote the poll will be there and we’re not going to turn anyone down to vote,” said Ivy.

Voter Turnout totaled more than 900 before noon in Clay County.