High speed internet could soon be on the way to North Lowndes County

CALEDONIA, Miss. (WCBI) – The possibility of expanding broadband internet service in Lowndes County was the topic of discussion during a public meeting in Caledonia Monday night.

Northern Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley spoke with residents about the benefits of bringing high speed internet to the area.

Many in attendance expressed they’re in favor of having this option.

A big crowd of residents poured into the Caledonia Community Center to speak with Presley about the questions and concerns they had about this matter.

Monroe County Electric Power Association is currently in the process of sending out surveys asking residents to vote on whether they want to expand their internet access.

So far, Presley said over 1,700 resident have responded.

During the meeting, Monroe EPA Board members said if they receive at least 2,900 votes in favor of this initiative, they’ll go through with the project.

“I’m really hoping that we’re able to get everybody on board to get this,” said Jason Chrest, a Caledonia resident who’s in favor of expanding internet access. “I know in my house I’ve got three kids, two are streaming videos, one is streaming video games. I like video games myself, I do a lot of social media videos as well. Good high-speed quality internet is very important in our house and it will be nice to have available.”

“This is an issue that’s going to define our region for a very long time,” said Presley. “This is a chance for people in this area to make their voices known so I encourage everyone to fill out their surveys. Do it honestly, again if you support the project vote yes, if you don’t say no, but by all means participate in the process.”

Monroe County EPA is conducting a second feasibility study on whether to add this service.

The power association said anyone who has not received a survey in the mail by October 15 is encouraged to go by their office in either Caledonia or Amory and pick one up and fill it out.

All surveys are due by November first.

After that, the results will be tallied and an announcement will be made on what the decision is going to be.

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