Video: Holiday Package Thefts

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – With the shopping season in full swing, Christmas will come early for thieves across America. Crime will be on the increase and that includes burglaries in your home and outside of your home. A story picking up steam across the nation is crooks stealing your packages from your doorstep. One local UPS Store Owner sheds a little more light on shipping during the holidays.

According to UPS Store Owner Jason Clark, “Usually earlier is better than late, especially if you’re going to APO or somewhere, you want it to be there before Christmas and not after Christmas. So the sooner the better.”

But with tough times come brazen crooks who fearlessly commit burglaries in broad daylight.

Consumers beware. With the holiday shopping season kicking off crooks are on the look out. There are some options to making sure your package gets safely delivered.

UPS Store owner Jason Clark says, make sure your package is properly insured.

“You want to make sure you cover the cost of your item. In the likely hood it gets lost or damaged or stolen that you get reimbursed for your product.”

You can also sign up for a MY Choice option that dictates when and where your package gets delivered. With the busiest shipping days beginning next week, shippers are trying to make life a little simpler.

Clark says, “You can utilize a UPS Store in your local town, sign up for a mail box for a single month get all your packages received there and we’ll sign for them.”

So thieves beware. Consumers are on watch and businesses are looking out. Making sure your delivery is properly boxed can make all the difference.

According to Clark, “If it’s packaged properly you’re not only insuring against loss you’re also ensuring against damage.”

Monday is “Super Monday”. That’s when the shipping season begins. To contact the UPS Store we used call 662-328-6006.

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