Homeowners invest in at-home storm shelters

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- During severe weather, staying safe is a top priority.

It seems with more rain and thunder moving in our area, folks are investing in their storm shelters to have a secure place.

And being aware of how quickly an event can develop can potentially save your life.

Before flowers bloom in the springtime, you’ll likely see a few heavy showers first.

Orders for storm shelters are piling up quickly at R& B Furniture in New Albany.

“Phones are ringing. We are doing installs as fast as we can, above ground and in-ground,” said Ford.

Sales Manager Kimberly Ford says nearly 40 homeowners have received new units since Monday, and the calls keep coming in.

“Installs per week are probably ten or so. In the past week, we have like 30 on the books right now that we’ve sold just in the past week,” said Ford.

In rural areas like Webster County, getting to a public shelter can be time-consuming depending on how fast a storm develops.

Deputy Emergency Management Director Tom Booth says a personal shelter can reduce the time for travel. It also lowers the risk of being impacted by a tornado.

” The 2011 event is probably the worst in recent times. It was the tornado outbreak that destroyed the East Webster High School. Having the storm shelter gives us the benefit that people are going to a safe place and that they have a safe place available to go to,” said Booth.

” They won’t have to travel to get to the shelter. They can go inside and step right in it from their house,” said EMA Director Barry Rushing.

Most at-home shelters can hold up to four people, depending on size. Materials protect against high-pressure winds.

” All of our in grounds are fiberglass with steel fiber. They have a metal door. Our above grounds are concrete with a metal door as well. It’s peace of mind too, you know. If you know you have somewhere to go, you don’t have to leave. It’s much so beneficial for it to be right there,” said Ford.

Your local EMA Director can also provide locations of nearby shelters if you need a safe place.

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