Honoring legacy: LCSO pays tribute to longtime staff member

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office is honoring the memory of a longtime staff member by continuing his service to the community.

Sheriff Eddie Hawkins and his staff dedicated the department’s community food pantry to the memory of Sergeant Pete Patrick.

“Mr. Pete”, as he was better known, served as the supervisor for the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Trusty Work Program.

One of the trustees’ regular jobs is refilling the department’s food pantries.

But beyond that, the longtime law enforcement officer was also known for his dedication to the community at large.

To the sheriff, naming a pantry after Mr. Pete seemed like a fitting tribute.

“He was very dedicated to taking care of people in our community. He was a real positive influence on our trusties here, who work in the facility all day, every day, and go out in the community. He was one of the guys that helped teach the trustees how to give back to our community, and he is truly missed,” said Hawkins.

“Always had a smile on his face, always willing to give, always willing to help. He would step up when anybody would ask for help, he would do it. I’ve seen Mr. Pete take money out of his own pocket to feed the trustees. I’ve seen him take money out of his own pocket to give to the community. For instance, we had a project where someone’s house had burned, and one day Mr. Pete came up and gave $500.00, and that’s a lot of money, for what we make. But, he said the Lord had told him to give,” said Lt. Rhonda Sanders, LCSO.

If you would like to donate to the Lowndes County community pantries, you can drop those donations off at the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office here in Columbus.

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