Hope for milder highs next week as warmer temps prevail this weekend

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: An upper-level ridge moving eastward leads the way for higher temperatures in the upper 80s over the weekend before a return to normalcy back to the mid-80s next week. Rain chances remain relatively small for the next week.

SATURDAY: High temperatures max out near 87 as we continue with a pattern of clearer skies. Some clouds will be present, but no rain chance is expected.
SUNDAY: Continuing with the previous day’s trend, temperatures on Sunday continue to climb, topping out in the high 80s by late afternoon. Mostly clear skies tag along and rain once again remains out of the question.

NEXT WEEK: Trends are pointing to a little bit of a respite in temperatures as highs begin to dip into the mid to low 80s throughout the week. Partly clouds skies help keep temperatures a little cooler and keep lows higher in the high 60s. Rain chances remain relatively minor until Friday, where there is a possibility for scattered showers and thunderstorms

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