A Houston Church Service Brings The Community Together As One

HOUSTON, Miss. (WCBI) – Church members from churches all over Houston, gathered and worshiped together on Sunday.

It’s the town’s annual Racial Reconciliation Worship Service.

Houston sets aside the fourth Sunday of every February to swap pulpits.

Sunday’s service took place at St Matthew Baptist Church on North Jefferson Street.

African Americans are encouraged to attend Caucasian churches and Caucasians are encouraged to attend African American churches.

Two local Pastors say race should not be a barrier in the community.

“It’s important with all of the situations that we are facing today, with race relations, it’s time for us to put those things aside and be one with Christ, and accept Him as our personal Savior,” says St Matthew Baptist Church Pastor Levon Kinard.

“It’s a great opportunity for worship. A great time for us to come together with our neighbor we don’t normally worship with, and have a great time and glorify God,” says First Baptist Church Pastor Daniel Heeringa.

St Matthew Baptist Church is twenty-five years old and has seventy members.

This morning, February 25, the congregation swelled to more than 200.


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