How high prices, inflation are effecting this season’s holiday giving

COLUMBUS Miss. (WCBI) – The economy has more people making cuts to their personal budgets this year.

With the holiday season rolling around, charitable organizations are left wondering if that belt-tightening is going to affect the donations they depend on.

With prices up, many organizations and charities wonder if giving will be going down.

Although this is an expensive time for everyone, Commanding Officer for The Salvation Army Captain Pradeep Ramaji says that supporting their community is the reason many people will still find a way to give.

“The need is more in the community and the struggling is more and some donors realize and are digging in their pockets a little deeper so they can really help,” said Ramaji.

Donations to organizations like the Salvation Army go directly back to the community.

“Local funds stay local and this Salvation Army helps Lowndes County. And most of the donors are from Columbus and most of the recipients are from Columbus. This year it also takes care of Clay County and Noxubee county. Their communities donate and their funds stay local,” said Ramaji.

To make it easier for people who want to give, The Salvation Army had adopted new ways for people to participate in things like the Angel Tree Program.

They have also gone digital, creating a QR code that people can scan to raise money and invite others to join them in their giving.

“Everyone knows that the Salvation Army does the red kettle and we have an online red kettle called Red Kettle Challenge,” said Ramaji.

Other organizations, like the Palmer Home, have thrift stores where people can purchase “new to you” items.

The money people spend at those stores goes back into their foundation.

The Columbus Board of Directors for the Palmer Home Thrift LaMarcus Bush says the results are priceless.

“Who doesn’t want to help a kid out? It has great importance to it and it’s a win-win situation for the business and the kids,” said Bush.

If money is tight, many organizations are also happy for you to donate your time.

Commanding Officer for the Salvation Army Captain Priscilla Ramaji says that being able to give never stops.

“We dedicated our lives. Left our careers to come to the Salvation Army to serve God and serve our community,” said Priscilla Ramaji.

Both organizations said that this time of year is very important to them.

The Salvation Army in particular does most of its fundraising during these months.

To find out more on how you can give, visit the Salvation Army and Palmer Home websites.

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