Inspiring young minds: Mississippi State’s Wood Magic Science fair returns

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi State’s annual Wood Magic Science Fair is taking place this week, giving students across town and across Mississippi an interesting learning experience.

This was a highlight of the fall for third and fourth graders across the state.

There was a lot to learn about wood at the annual fair.

Instructors wanted to talk about wood as a renewable product. It is a cycle students can see – from planting and growing trees to looking at the products that come from wood.

Bioproducts show up in everyday items. That was one of the lessons Department head Rubin Shmulsky hoped the kids learn.

“We hope the kids get out of this an enjoyable trip to Mississippi State and a strong appreciation for the wood industry. We are producing these things for future generations so when they grow up that may be a career they want to consider,” said Shmulsky.

Shmulsky has been a part of almost three decades of fairs. He said he feels it has had a positive impact.

“Some of the most rewarding things we see are the students that have grown up and come through the fair previously and they do remember it and many of them have come to Mississippi State University. It potentially changes how they view sustainability and natural resources so that really makes us all feel good about what they are doing,” said Shmulsky.

Wood Magic will continue through Friday.

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