Insurance Commissioner Warns Of Unlicensed Agent Operating In State

JACKSON, Miss. (PRESS RELEASE) – Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney and the Mississippi Insurance Department are alerting consumers that there is an individual operating in north Mississippi who does not have an agent’s license and has no authority to collect insurance premiums.

David Brian Uthe, of Memphis, TN has been acting as an agent and collecting premiums for AmFed National Insurance Company without their knowledge or consent.

Uthe has produced fictitious certificates of insurance to consumers giving the impression that they have coverage with AmFed.

Uthe has also been operating under the name of his deceased father Marvin Uthe and the entity Uthe Financial Services which is not licensed with the Mississippi Insurance Department.

Uthe, the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Mississippi Insurance Department, does not have an agent’s license issued by the department and has NO authority to collect insurance premiums from anyone or on behalf of any company.

The Mississippi Insurance Department warns consumers that anyone who purchased a policy from David Uthe/Marvin Uthe/Uthe Financial Services, should not pay premiums to Uthe.

Any policyholders who have been paying premiums to David Uthe/Marvin Uthe/Uthe Financial Services or who have questions about their coverage may contact John Hornback, Director of Investigations and Consumer Protection, Mississippi Insurance Department at (601) 359-3569.

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