Intense training helps law enforcement react quickly in crisis situations


TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Law enforcement officers said the fatal shooting at a Shannon gas station Thursday was a prime example of the important role training plays for police officers.

Events unfolded at Griggs Gas Station in the span of five seconds Thursday morning, when Shaharah Coggins, 38, was shot dead by Kentorrey Sims, 32.  A Shannon police officer who was on duty buying coffee was able to shoot and kill Sims.

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Sergeant Eric Grissom is an instructor at the North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center.

Sergeant Grissom said police are trained to be ready for any situation, whether they are on, or off the clock.

“It’s a protector mentality, the only thing that’s ever really truly stopped a bad guy with a gun with bad intent to take human life is a good guy with a gun to protect human life and to be ready to answer that call when the time comes, in this profession you have to expect the unexpected, your world can change in a fraction of a second and you rely on training you have received throughout your career and you call upon that training in that fraction of a second,” said Sgt. Grissom.

Grissom said officers always try and deescalate a situation whenever possible.  However, in some cases, deescalation is not possible.