Inter-agency cooperation brings results in storage unit burglaries

Inter-agency cooperation brings results in storage unit burglaries

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Inter-agency cooperation brings results in a string of storage unit burglaries in two counties.

Since January, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating several similar storage unit burglaries.

The M.O. was similar, with no signs of forced entry, and the locks appeared undamaged.

They got a break in the case when security video from one of the break-ins showed the suspects in a green Ford F-150 King Ranch pickup.

A BOLO was issued across the county, and a deputy remembered giving a ticket to a similar truck.

From that information, investigators had a suspect’s name, Christopher Dahl of Monroe County.

When investigators reached out to the Monroe County Sheriff, they found investigators there were also working a series of similar burglaries, as were the Aberdeen police.

The green Ford showed up again in the security video there.

Monroe County investigators had developed Joshua Welch as a suspect.

They went to a residence in Hamilton, where the owner told them that the two men had been storing things in his shop.

Several of the items reportedly matched property stolen in both counties.

The two men were arrested by Monroe County Deputies.

One of the men reportedly admitted to the burglaries, saying they used master lock keys.

The burglaries were still under investigation, and charges will be filed in both counties.

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