Investigators find fetus in Booneville wastewater treatment facility

Police chief asks for public's help after water department employee makes shocking discovery

BOONEVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – An investigation is underway after a body described by police as a fetus was found in Booneville.

In all of his years in law enforcement, Booneville Police Chief Michael Ramey said Wednesday morning’s call was a first.

“The Booneville police received a call from the water and sewer department about a possible sighting of a fetus inside one of the lift stations off Jacinto Road.   You probably couldn’t hold it in one hand, but you could hold it in both of your hands,” said Ramey.

Work got underway to drain the water from the lift station so the fetus could be recovered. That lift station is at the end of this road and is part of the city’s wastewater system.

“The city’s water and sewer department had to cap off this water coming into the lift station before they could drain it and it being several feet deep it took a while to get all that done,” Ramey said.

The fetus was either brought in, perhaps through this opening near the gate or made its way there through the wastewater system. Either way, Ramey said somebody knows something.

“If anyone knows anything, about this the best thing they can do is call the police department here, come in, and let’s talk and see if we can find out what is what. That’s a bad situation to have to find the fetus in that location,” he said.

Ramey said the fetus was turned over to County Coroner Greg Sparks, who sent the body to Jackson for an autopsy.

The chief said his office will wait until results are in from the state crime lab to see what, if any, charges might be filed in the case.

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