It may take months for Calhoun County to get roads back

Calhoun County, Miss. (WCBI) – Roads are almost non-existent due to the flooding last week.

Calhoun County is working to get these routes back up and running.

Road crews and emergency officials are beginning repairs to the affected areas.

However, it may take some time until these roads are ready to be re-opened.

As the floodwaters disappear in Calhoun County, signs of flood damage are beginning to appear.

Emergency Management Agency Director Randy Skinner said many routes in the area are closed.

“This morning, I’ve been been estimating damages to the southern part of the county. I have found possibly 10 to 15 affected roads at this time. Assessments are still ongoing,” said Skinner.

The county brought in another team to help survey the affected roads.

“We received two volunteers, they’re disaster specialists from  MEMA,” said Skinner.

The specialists will work with Skinner to develop a strategy for repairing and rebuilding flooded roads, structures and buildings.

The work could take months.

“On the county roads, there’s quite a bit of damage. We have some places where the roads completely eroded in two. We could not do any work until the water receded the area they could hit they were actively working in those areas,” said Skinner.

With the uncertain weather, this team will try to get as much done as they can until roads are safe to open.

As residents start looking for alternate routes, Skinner suggests sticking to the main highways as much as possible, and avoiding low-lying county roads, which have taken most f the damage.

Schools buses will continue to use the alternate routes until further notice.

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