It’s been a long time: Historic clock back downtown Winona

WINONA, Miss. (WCBI) – Some residents in Winona say it’s about time.

A clock that once stood in the Montgomery County Courthouse is now standing tall once again in downtown.

It has taken over 10 years, but thanks to the help of citizens, FedEx, and Senator Lydia Chassional, the courthouse clock has found a new home in its old hometown.

A decade-long project is almost complete in Winona, Mississippi, and all that was missing was its centerpiece. In this case, a timepiece.

“I thought it would be a good piece of history back in the city of Winona, and the process was a long process,” Former Mayor Jerry Flowers said.

This historic clock once stood in the old Montgomery County Courthouse and was purchased by a local family that sold the clock to Washington Commons Mall in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1977. In 2010 local residents learned that the mall would be demolished, and efforts began to buy the clock.

“We could not find the money, this is a very expensive endeavor, and it started Senator Lydia Chassional, our senator here in Winona in this area go the money for us,” Flowers said.

Former Mayor Jerry Flowers formed a committee to raise money with the help of Winona resident Jim Whitehead and FedEx. The clock made its way back to its original home where some like Matt Bennett secretary of the Winona Historic Clock Committee believes it will ring in new growth.

“I think this will be a catalyst for our downtown and our business corridor it will hopefully lead to more improvement in the downtown area and other businesses in town they will see progress being made we are working as a group for citizens to maybe bring some other funding into town that will help some of these businesses,” Bennett said.

Mayor Aaron Dees sees the clock as a sign of the times to come.

“Soon people will be able to know what time it is downtown and what I meant by that was we are in a new time we are in a new era, but we also want to have all of our businesses back thriving like they once were,” Mayor Dees said.

And for those with hopes of seeing the town and themselves flourish Mayor Dees says it’s not too late

So I’m calling on all the entrepreneurs, you know, say, hey, this is the time to start a business. This is the time to be creative and bring the something you want to do to fruition,” Mayor Dees said.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held for the public at a later date.

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