It’s time to have your A/C unit checked before temperatures get too hot


NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – The phrase ‘we’ve gone from zero to sixty real fast’ can easily be applied to our weather, where we’ve gone from 60’s to 90’s… real fast, and it’s only May.

Because of that, your air conditioning unit may be working around the clock, and some homeowners may find their units either not cooling as well or not working at all.

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Routine maintenance is vital to keeping things cool.

We get the oil changed on our car on a regular basis, right?

Otherwise, it doesn’t last very long on the road.

The same applies for our air conditioning.

If left unattended, you could find yourself in a hot home for the summer.

We’ve seen the weather forecasts.

It’s looking like another hot summer in Mississippi, and homeowners across our area will be cranking the A/C to keep their homes cool.

If you haven’t had any maintenance done on your unit, you might be disappointed with what’s coming out of your vents.

“If the unit is not serviced and the filters not clean, the condensers not clean, the coil cannot get the proper airflow, so therefore the unit is not going to cool,” said co-owner of Dent Turner Air Conditioning Sales, Paige Turner.

Dent Turner Air Conditioning Sales outside of Winona says one of the most common beliefs for A/C inefficiency isn’t always the right call.

“Everybody thinks they’re low on freon, but a lot of times that’s not the case and a lot of times it is,” said store co-owner, Dent Turner. “We check the coils outside the condenser, make sure they’re clean because if they’re not clean we’re going to run a high head pressure, which is lower efficiency and could even stop the unit from working.”

Another problem comes from the outside, ants.

“They are attracted to the magnetic current flowing through the contactors, re-layers, or whatever it is,” described Dent, “and they’ll get in your contactor and we’ve had them burn up units.”

Some insect killer around the unit wouldn’t hurt.

For the Turners and their staff, maintenance is offered in client contracts, where twice a year they check units to make sure they are ready for the lows and highs of the season, and right now… business is booming.

“15 to 20 calls a day, sometimes more, install crews running all day, every day, including Saturdays,” said Dent.

“They get off when they’re through,” added Paige. “It might be 6 o’clock in the evening; it might be 8 o’clock in the evening. We do our best to try to get our customers taken care of as quick as possible because I know nobody likes to be sitting in the heat.”

That maintenance can double, and sometimes triple, the lifespan of a unit.

If we think now is hot, imagine what July and August have in store, and it’d be nice to have cool air when that time comes.