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CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) -He stood accused of shooting his pregnant girlfriend in the back of the head.

A Clay County Jury has found Rayshawn Ivy not guilty of aggravated assault. Jurors got the case round 4 o’clock Friday (4-5)afternoon, and deliberated for about an hour.

It was the second trial for Ivy.

Last April, jurors found him not guilty of kidnapping Whitney Lenoir in August of 2010, but, that same jury hung on the aggravated assault charge.

Ivy was accused of beating Lenoir, then shooting her and leaving her for dead. She survived and drove herself to the hospital.

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  • jeffery

    I think this is a travesty and an insult against what we have as a justice system in America. I know that the system is flawed and justice is blind, but this is ridiculous. How could a jury not convict this man on such a henous crime? I don’t want to play the race card but I wonder if she was a woman of another race would he had beenf found not guilty?


    How can he be found not guilty. Did they not watch the video that was aired on WCBI September 8, 2010? When RH Brown interviewed the victim, clearly anyone can see that her wounds were not self inflicted. How does one shoot themselves in the back of the head at close range and not end their life instantly. After seeing the reverse hand prints on the victim’s neck and hearing the testimony from the medical personnel that tended to her after she was air lifted to a Trauma center in Memphis. Sounds to me like there was some foul play in this “so called” justice system. There is no way possible that even after hearing the testimony of the young man who drove Rashawn to the scene and heard the gunshots and saw the blood on his clothes that 12 people could all believe that this boy was not guilty. Am I the only one that sees this???

  • Francine Gates

    The problem here is that the 12 jurors saw the video and the medical report as well. She knew as well as her family that she was not shot in the head, but kept lying to get attention only because this had been taken too far to quit in the middle of the game. The problem here is that you can fabricate a video and and external photo, but you cannot fabricate an internal one (MRI). The next problem here is with people who don’t understand the power of a gun. Yes, you are the only one that sees that because you are probably blinded by the fact that you probably have been abuse at the hands of a man yourself and thinks that every man is just like the one who beat you. Better yet, if you are helping someone blood is bound to get on your clothes!!!!! Did any of you attend the trial to see any of this yourselves? Could it be that a mold hill was shaped into a mountain? My question is, how can anyone get shot in the head, period; close range or distant and drive themselves to a hospital. According to the media the incident occurred on Saturday, September 4th and she was on the television on Monday,September 6th. The testimony of the alleged victim,is that she came home the same day without any surgery from the hospital. The only foul play that I can see is that this should have never gone to trial in the first place; wasting tax payers dollars on getting revenge. By the way, race has nothing to do with this, that is what’s wrong with today’s society now, everything is race related; when all you need to do is learn how to get along with your own race instead of killing each other with your mouths. Another question is, what makes you think that the young man that drove him to the scene testimony is the gospel truth when he jumped to the other side after he was thrown in jail, just so he could get out. When are we going to ever look at things outside of a mirror so that we can see from more than one standpoint. If you sum it all up, the only thing heinous about this whole thing is probably what many have blown it up to be, drama!!!!!!!!!

  • Octavia Harris

    This is bs he should be behind bars. U can be surprised at wat the body can take and how so many people survived things that we think noone should survive from!

  • calvin

    This is very sad but I really believe she tryed to kill her self because i was in a relationship with whitney and that baby she trying to say its the other guy that she was cheating on me with baby lol but the baby boy look just like me and she will not let me see him.Thank you jesus that i dont talk to her anymore..

  • calvin banks

    Mr.Francine Gates you are so right.You aint telling nothing but the trust bruh!!Amen! Amen!

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