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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — London investigators probably could have figured out who “Jack the Ripper” was 120 years ago if they’d had today’s technology and investigative techniques.

Columbus Police Crime Lab Director Austin Shepherd used the ‘Jack the Ripper’ case today to explain how forensics science works in the real world beyond how it is popularized on hit TV shows.

Shepherd told the Columbus Exchange Club technology offers ever-changing opportunities to solve crimes that didn’t exist just a few years ago. But in many ways, it still sometimes boils down to old-fashioned police work to bring a case together.

“The idea that technology is always changing and that crimes change too but for everything that changes, everything also kind of stays the same. When we employ this new technology or even old methods, we can stand a better chance of solving crimes,” Shepherd said.

Columbus is one of the few police departments in the Southeast that has its own crime lab. In addition to working local cases, the lab also does drug testing and other services for police departments in the region.

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