Jim Hood Considering Gubernatorial Run


JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI) – Attorney General Jim Hood making it known today, November 15, he’s talking to donors about a possible run for the Governor’s mansion.

While talking with reporters in Jackson today, Hood says the Republican majority at the State Capitol isn’t solving big issues facing the state.

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Hood specifically talked about health care, job creation, a stagnant economy and education.

The three term Chickasaw County native is the only Democrat elected to state-wide office.

He says wrong decisions in the legislature make he want to run but there’s a catch.

“Puts me in a position where I’m looking at something I’ve never envisioned of doing of running for governor. I am exploring that idea, I am raising money to get in a position where uh we can do that, if that’s what my wife decides we need to do,” says Hood.

Hood expects a decision to be made within the next year.

Governor Phil Bryant cannot run for re-election.