Keith Gibson has been Working Out for 90 Days

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – 90 days have passed since WCBI Chief Meteorologist Keith Gibson began a series of workouts designed to help him add ten pounds of rippling muscle and all the strength and confidence that go along with it.
So how’s he doing?

Keith wasn’t exactly starting from scratch.

He’s counted calories for years, but over the Winter, he decided it was time to lash some muscle mass onto his lean physique.

Keith has hit the Fitness Factor at least 3 times a week since March.

Personal trainer Whitney Brown set up Keith’s workout plan and helps him stay on task.

She says, ” He’s doing it all: kettle bells, ropes, TRX, bodyweight, I mean he’s a workout maniac now.”

Keith uses a series of functional cross-fit exercises, sometimes alone, sometimes in a class.

The sweat equity, he’s invested, has absolutely paid off.

He says, ” I’ve had lines appear, that I never thought would appear. I’ve got a little six pack thing going on, and I’m really toned up, and I’m as happy as can be.”

With that happiness comes confidence.

Keith just got back from the beach.

He says, ” I was actually proud to get the shirt off and actually go into the water, and no confidence issues for the first time in ages. It’s great.”

People are noticing!

Whitney says, ” I’m seeing Keith in a whole new way. He’s gained some muscle. He’s so much stronger than he was before. He’s getting heavier weights. He has a great attitude.”

Keith adds, ” The goal was to actually gain 10 pounds of muscle. I have gotten half way through that point. So my clothes are still okay, but it’s nice to fill things out a little bit better.”

Keith is off to a great start.

He just needs to eat a little more.

How cool is that?

Whitney explains, ” It’s all about feeling good about yourself. It’s about being happy with yourself, and those kinds of things are hard to measure, so when we hear somebody say that, it just makes everything worthwhile.”

For his part, Keith plans to keep on hitting it hard.

We might just check in with him again in the Fall, to see if he needs to buy that new wardrobe.

He already has the washboard.


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