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CRAWFORD, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s that time of year again. Dove hunting season kicked off Sunday at 2 p.m.

“You load it, then you have to cock the hammer so it’ll fire and there’s your safety switch,” said hunter Ty Sockwell.

Ty Sockwell has been hunting for 45 years, he says his old rigby twenty gauge hammer gun does the trick every time.

“We just kind get around the edges of these fields where they’re feeding and when they come in if they get close enough we get a shot, wing shot and yea it’s very satisfying experience when you connect with one,” added Sockwell.

Hunter Jack Robertson says they have a family shoot every year. Hunters this year can shoot up to 15 doves a day.

“We got three to four kids out there that have never been dove hunting. Thus is their first year so this is a good opportunity for parents to teach their young ones gun safety to over the gun rules,” said hunter Jack Robertson.

Robertson’s 16 year old son has also taken up the sport.

“It’s the first hunting season to come in. I love shooting guns and being out here in the open shooting dove,” said Morgan Robertson.

And it’s this passion for hunting that brings their family together every season. Most of the hunters on this outing were shooting a 12 or 20 gauge shot gun.

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