Kids taking out mini loans prepping for Starkville’s Lemonade Day

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Area kids are learning what it’s like to get a loan and start a business ahead of the upcoming Lemonade Day.

Cadence Bank, Castleberry Properties and MSU’s E-Center are teaming up to teach kids about entrepreneurship.

Mini loans are given to the kiddos to open up their own lemonade stands in Starkville.

So far $300 in mini loans have been handed out to those planning on making big bucks later this month.

“Come get this lemonade and everything else. We’re not going to just have lemonade. We’re going to have food along with it cause we’re not simple and plain,” said Katylan Fulgham.

Others are just ready to get to work.

“I’m very excited to get it set up and to do it,” said Emerald Owens.

So far 44 stands are scheduled to be set up around Starkville on August 18th.

A list of locations will be placed online for you to pick the closest one

It’s not too late to sign up. Check out Starkville Lemonade Day’s page to sign up.


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