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PASADENA, Texas, July 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KiOR, Inc.  (Nasdaq:KiOR), announced today that its commercial scale cellulosic  gasoline and diesel production facility in Columbus, Mississippi has  achieved several key operational milestones.  First, the Columbus facility’s Biomass Fluid Catalytic Cracking, or  BFCC, unit has completed its first uninterrupted 30-day run. Second,  the facility made its first shipment of cellulosic gasoline on June 28,  which represented the first fuel shipment since March, 2013. Lastly,  the facility commenced regular shipments of both gasoline and diesel  that same day.

“Commencing regular shipments of gasoline and diesel is very  significant for KiOR, as it reflects the continuous improvements in our  operations at the Columbus facility,” said Fred Cannon, KiOR’s  President and CEO. “We have been undertaking considerable reliability  and optimization efforts in areas of the facility unrelated to KiOR’s  core technology. The success of these efforts gives us confidence, more  than ever, that the performance targets for the Columbus plant are attainable in the months ahead and that our operating assumptions for our next, larger Natchez plant are reasonable.”

“With the facility operating stably and producing cellulosic gasoline  and diesel at commercial scale, we believe we are on track to achieve  steady-state operations before the end of the calendar year and to  demonstrate improving performance metrics over that timeframe,” Cannon  continued. “The largest commercially producing cellulosic production  facility in the world, we expect Columbus — enhanced with our recent  optimizations — to be the basis of our second facility’s design at  Natchez.”

KIOR, Inc. – Annual Report


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