Labor shortages continue to impact many businesses

Restaurants and retail have been hit particularly hard with labor shortages

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-  Restaurants and retail have been hit particularly hard with labor shortages.

At Sunflower, managers are having a tough time hiring people for a couple of reasons.

“With it being tax season it seems like it kind of slows down the hiring process and because a lot of people are looking for a better paying job than the grocery store,” said store assistant manager Kendrix Morris.

Morris said when employees don’t show up it causes a ripple effect throughout the whole store.

“It causes another department to slack somewhere if employees aren’t here it’ll cause lines to back up in the front when cashiers call in and it delays stocking on the aisles,” said Morris.

“When they don’t show up then you have to do different jobs but we handle it pretty well,” said stocker Bryon Johnson

Byron Johnson is a stocker, and he’s seen his fair share of folks come in and leave right out.

“It’s been like a revolving door people come and go. We’ve had a few stay two or three years and we have some good ones but then we have some that come in and leave pretty quick,” said Johnson.

One thing Morris said he and the other managers try to do is train their staff to be flexible.

“Just using employees from different departments just getting them cross trained and they help us in other area when needed when we’re short staffed and they come over give us a hand and when things die down they go back to their department,” said Morris

Morris said some days are tougher than others, but he’s thankful for the reliable workers he does have.  When new people do come in though he tries to get their attention.

“We tell them about all of our benefits we have, we have good interest rates, we have good bonus pay outs for store profit all employees part and full time are eligible for bonus pay out,” said Morris.

Morris encouraged folks looking for a job to go out and get one instead of waiting on one to come to them.

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