Lady powerlifting team heads to compete for the North State title

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – The average man can deadlift around 150 pounds.

Some Monroe County ladies have surpassed that number and are ready to prove it.

The Lady Dawgs Powerlifting Team of Aberdeen High School is getting ready to compete for the North State Title.

It’s not a sport you necessarily identify with young women, but the Lady Dawgs of Aberdeen High are becoming a powerhouse in powerlifting, and they’re leading the pack going into the regional competition.

“I am excited we are going to state,” Bri’yan Riddle said.

Aluana Garth, Bri’yan Riddle, and Ashanti Doss are putting their strength to the test in the regional powerlifting competition in a few weeks.

Their Coach, Elisabeth Oliver said powerlifting is a test of strength and willpower, not necessarily size.

“People are under the misconception that if I’m a little girl, I can’t lift because there are big girls that are going to outlift me, but you lift by weight class,” Oliver said.

Powerlifting tests three areas squat, bench press, and deadlift, and while lifting seems easy to the eye, doing it right takes hours of dedicated practice at school, and in their personal time.

“I also have a freshman; this is her first year, and she is just a natural beast. That’s all I can say about her from day one. She looks like she belongs here.” Oliver said.

That freshman is Aluana Garth whose total lift weight is 600 pounds, and while that is a milestone for lifters, it also helps her in her other sports.

“It can build up muscle and help you advance in other positions,” Garth said.

And no lady dawg is complete without her pack.

The lady dawgs will compete on March 1 and believe they’re ready for the state championships.

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