Video: Lafayette Lifts Gun Ban

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LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Lafayette County is reversed its ban on guns in the courthouse.

Lafayette supervisors changed course after the state Attorney General’s office received a complaint about the ban.

Worried about public safety, Lafayette and many other cities and counties enacted bans last year after the Legislature approved laws allowing people with special concealed carry permits or people who openly display their guns to carry them in many places.

The attorney general then issued an opinion that said those bans violated those laws.

This year, the Legislature gave citizens the right to sue local officials personally who approve gun bans. That law carries a $1,000 a day fine per person.

Complaints must be made to the AG’s office and if a conflict is found, the local government has 30 days to repeal the ban before the local officials can be sued.

The issue recently was discussed at the state supervisors association conference and many counties contacted by WCBI said they will wait for a complaint to be filed before taking any action.

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