Large job layoff in Amory has left the community hurting

Written by Victoria Bailey

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – In just three weeks, one of the largest furniture employers in the state will cut hundreds of jobs.

United Industries is preparing for the transition.

“For my family, it’s going to be devastating. I try to help my children here and there. It’s going to put a pinch on things,” said Patrick Burns, United Furniture employee.

This is the general consensus for more than 250 employees of United Furniture Industries after news the Amory plant will become the Amory Warehouse.

“It’s sort of a surprise. For a minute we were going full steam ahead and then the next week or the next day or so they drop the bomb on us,” said Burns.

Patrick Burns has only been with United Furniture Industries since September. He says news of the layoffs was disappointing.

“It was supposed to be a giddyup and go situation and all of a sudden we find out we’re running out of materials to do this we’re running out of material to do that in the next week we’re unemployed almost,”

Amory resident Keith Coggins says the layoffs are being felt outside of the plant as well.

“Anytime you have a business of that magnitude that’s gonna be hiring that many people in a public workforce it could generate buzz for the community each aspect of that business feeds off one of the other so if one of them lets up then it’s gonna affect the other side of it and it creates a jocking effect,” said Keith Coggins.

And as residents in Amory continue to wrap their minds around the layoffs, employees here at United furniture’s industries say the morale leading up to the official day is getting lower.

“We’re paying for houses, were paying for cars, we’re sending our grandkids through school. Personal things like that and this comes out of shock,” said Coggins.

The layoffs are part of a nationwide change by Lane Furnishings.

The layoffs begin at the end of July.

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