Latest infrastructure development in Starkville making it easier for pedestrians, bicyclists to travel


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) –  The path to the Mississippi State campus continues to expand.

Starkville aldermen have approved the next step in building a multi-use path connecting town and campus.

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The pathway will begin on Spring Street and continue to the campus amphitheater.

This is part of the agreement between the city, the state and the university to connect the dots.

The first stage – a wide sidewalk on Locksley Way opened to walkers and bikers a couple of months ago. The route is wide and includes a two-lane bikeway.

Starkville’s Mayor Lynn Spruill said the goal is to make getting from point A to point B as smooth as possible.

“It’s a quality of life issue for us. And so students, millennials, the kids that we want to come to school and stay here, find sidewalks, and pedestrian access and bicycling and that sort of thing, a very attractive element to a community,” said Mayor Spruill.

“It’s also important for retirees,” added Mayor Spruill. “And we have a certified retirement community here and as you get older, a lot of times getting in a car is not what you want to do. So if you have an opportunity for walking and for biking – then that allows us to go generation to generation and be attractive to everyone.”

But how do local residents and students feel about the latest developments?

“I really enjoy walking my dog especially in the downtown area because there’s sidewalks on both sides and there’s not a whole lot of traffic or anything so we always have a smooth and easy walk,” said Anna Dicki, a student at Mississippi State University.

“It’s especially easy now,” said Ryan Young. “I’m also a big bike rider and I like to walk around a lot. Really shows the City of Starkville has taken the initiative to kind of provide some more pathways and walkways for bikers and pedestrians as well. So it’s a lot easier to get around that way.”

“I say it’s pretty cool because it promotes fitness and also just getting out there,” said Brien Carter. “You know you’re in the Mississippi weather so might as well take it in at some point throughout the day.”

Spruill also said she has a lot of new projects that will take place this year that will help the city’s infrastructure continue to grow.